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LET OP !!! bij bestelling van deze artikelen komen er extra verzendkosten bij van Spanje naar Nederland a € 14,-
FAST FLIGHT BY FLEX ARCHERY® is the best fast flight type bowstrings you can find. Now we offer you the same filament material that the professionals use and make your own DIY fast flight bowstring projects.
Made with original Dyneema ® SK75 fibres.
Low creep and stretch.
Color coated, waxed  and processed in Spain.
Moderate-low waxed.
Pay by meters, not by weight. Wax does not have the same price as fibers.?

Spools of 250 meters. Enough for make 8 bowstrings for a 68″ bow with 16 strands.

Dyneema ® is a registered trade mark of DSM

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FF 250 MTS Deep Green, FF 250 MTS Desert Sand, FF 250 MTS Flame, FF 250 MTS Fluor Green, FF 250 MTS Fluor Lime, FF 250 MTS Fluor Orange, FF 250 MTS Fluor Pink, FF 250 MTS Fluor Red, FF 250 MTS Fluor Rose, FF 250 MTS Fluor Yellow, FF 250 MTS Olive Green, FF 250 MTS Oriole Orange, FF 250 MTS Pink, FF 250 MTS Pure Orange, FF 250 MTS Red, FF 250 MTS Reed Green, FF 250 MTS Sky Blue, FF 250 MTS Tangerine Red, FF 250 MTS Tropic Green, FF 250 MTS Ultra Violet, FF 250 MTS White